Inver Grove Heights Snowmobile Club Minutes - 4/11/2021

Meeting called to order by Vince Johnson at 7:47PM.

Secretary report - Motion was made by Sue to accept the minutes as read; seconded by Ted and passed.

Treasure report - Motion made by Phil to accept Treasure’s Report as read; seconded by Brian and passed.


Dakota Trails – Appreciation dinner will possibly be held in May at Jay’s farm.

Club Trail – Trail take down went well. Two more draws are coming from MNDNR.

Region 6 - no report.

Sunshine - A card was signed by everyone present for Randy Pistulka. Chris Kelly will get Visa card and mail both.

Old Business - None

New Business - Election Rersults

President - Vince Johnson

Vice President - Gary Lothenbach

Treasurer - Judy Thomsen

Secretary - Chris Kelly

Board member - Brian Hagen (2yr)

Board member - Phil Schmidt (2yr)

Board member - Jim Smeby (1yr)

50/50 – Won by Brian.

Closed - Meeting was closed at 8:05 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Chris Kelly, Club Secretary