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Club Meeting Notes: 8 Oct 23


Meeting – Meeting was called to order at 7:44 PM by President Vince Johnson.


Secretary’s Report – Read by Chris. Motion made by Ted, seconded by Kevin, and passed


Treasurer’s Report – Read by Judy. Motion made by Phil, seconded by Gary, and passed




IGH Trails –

We have a new Park and rec person. Her name is Allie Radle.


Vince and Phil, with Flint Hills Rep, walked a new route that would eliminate Akron. Flint Hills will approve the re-route and also clean up some large debris. Flint Hills still needs to contact one land owner before plan is 100% approved.


Re-route will require manpower to clear. Gary is checking on the brush hog.


Dakota Trails –

Meeting was 13 Sep 23. Jim read Dakota Trails Minutes


Region 6 –


Sunshine – No report






Phil proposed that the club buy 20 calendars. Whatever isn’t sold will be purchased by the club. Seconded by Gary and passed.


Chris proposed that we do away with the snow fence and use reinforced, UV resistant barrier tape. This would eliminate the snow fence, be quicker and easier to set up, will be a cleaner look, will require 2/3 less posts, and is inexpensive. The members liked the idea. 


50/50 Winner – Kevin S


Closed – Meeting was closed at 9 PM


Respectfully Submitted,

Chris Kelly, Club Secretary

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