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Club Meeting Notes: 8 Jan 22


Meeting – Meeting was called to order at 7:46 PM by President Vince Johnson.


Secretary’s Report - Motion was made by Brian to accept the minutes as read; seconded by Randy and passed.


Treasurer’s Report – Motion made by Phil to accept Treasurer’s Report as read, seconded by Brian, and passed.




IGH Trails –

Trail has not been groomed yet

Discussion was made about low hanging branches


Dakota Trails –

Report is in Jan newsletter


Region 6 – No report


Sunshine – No report


Safety Class – 38 students participated



Judy reinvested the CDs



Phil made a motion for club to purchase a battery-operated pole saw, seconded by Jim and passed


Phil identified that we do no have any “stay on trial” signs posted. We need to have them at all field openings


Jim Smeby read  an article that he wrote about the beginning of the IGH Snowmobile club. He will submit it for publishing in the magazine.


50/50 Winner - ?


Closed – Meeting was closed at 8:27 PM



Respectfully Submitted,


Chris Kelly, Club Secretary

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