IGH Snowmobile meeting April 10, 2022


Meeting started 8:00 PM by Vince Johnson

Secretary’s report read and approved by Ted, seconded Randy, passed.

Treasure report – Judy said we received the 2nd bench mark check, purchase 4 land owner gift cards. Report approved by Phil, seconded by Gary, passed.


IGH trail report – Turned in 3rd draw, Will take down trail on April 16th, will send out reminder notice. Trailers for trail take down were repaired. Fixed wiring and greased and repaired bearings. Will have ZOOM meeting with DNR about trail.


Dakota trails – read report


Election  - Passed a white ballot, Vince – President, Gary – Vice President, Chris – Secretary, Judy – Treasurer, Voted for Board – Jim 2 years, Dave 2 years, Jeff 1 year.


Thank you from Neighbors Inc, we donated $140.


50/50 won by Ted

Motion to close, made by Judy, seconded by Vince.

Jim Smeby Temporary Secretary